Multiplex Assures Compliance With
Anheuser-Busch Set Point Temperature Requirements.

The system's purpose is to allow the wholesaler the opportunity to load all his trucks and trailers, bulk trucks included, whenever he wishes, and to keep the Anheuser-Busch product at CEW CONDITIONS while stored inside the vehicle. This same system can refrigerate your CEWs and WSCs as well as your repack rooms!

When a trailer completes its work for the day, it is loaded and then connected to the Multiplex System. The trailer's interior is quickly lowered to CEW Set Point Temperature and Humidity Conditions and held there overnight or over the weekend.

Multiplex is a very strong and dependable system!

Stripping And Parking Empty Trailers Until Late At Night, Prior To Loading, Is Now A Thing Of The Past.

Multiplex CEW and WSC high velocity, high capacity refrigerating and de-humidifying air handlers.
Ask about our video explaining how the Multiplex System can help you!