No Obligation!

Multiplex will engineer your facility's entire refrigeration needs at no cost to you.
After this work is complete you can then decide if you wish to purchase a system!

Furnish us the information below and we'll take it from there!

After receiving the information, our Engineering Department will contact you within three days, at which time you will be asked for additional details. From this information a complete and thorough engineering profile for your facility will be engineered. This profile will be based strictly on your needs, set point requirements, operation habits, local ambient temperature and humidity and Anheuser-Busch's recommendations in design.

You will be asked for your historic and Projected Future Growth.

Note: It is very Cost Effective to plan now for future growth. Additional capacity for the future can be added to Multiplex very easily and for little extra money.

Furnish Multiplex with the following information:
Name of Facility
Annual Sales of
Package Products Only
Number of Trucks and Trailers
Number of CEW's
Are you a WSC?
Name of Operations Manager
or Contact Person

Attention Wholesalers Who Are WSCs
Or Who Haul Product In Bulk.

Multiplex will refrigerate your bulk trailers with this same system. All trailer hook ups are compatible, whether connecting Side load Package Trailers or Large Bulk Trailers. Preloading these large bulk trailers saves time and money. Many Wholesalers have already added their bulk trailers to their Multiplex Systems.

Multiplex has recently developed a new package air handler that save you money on refrigerating bulk trailers. Installation is Easy! This package unit can mount inside or outside the bulk trailer. D.O.T. weight limits usually leave plenty of room for interior mounting.

Contact Brad Card, Operations Manager at Brown Distributing in Austin, Texas or Lane Pratt at Wil Fischer Distributing in Springfield, Missouri or Jerry Helgeson at American Eagle in Greeley, Colorado. They will share with you how they use the Multiplex equipment.

Either of our air handler systems can be used for bulk trailers.
New Package Model
This system incorporates the new self-contained air handler package that mounts on the exterior wall of the trailer similar to conventional truck refrigeration units. The New Multiplex Self-contained Package can also be permanently located in the forward cargo area of the trailers interior and takes up very little space. This system adds little to the overall trailer weight.

Standard Model
This system uses the standard air handlers mounted high inside the trailer interior.                                       

Both of these systems can be used for bulk trailers.