As an approved vendor, manufacturing exclusively for Anheuser-Busch, Multiplex will discount your total cost for equipment by 6 - 8% through the New Anheuser Busch Corporate Purchasing Program. The size of your project determines the total amount of savings. This is one way corporate purchasing is working for you through the Multiplex Company.

Multiplex saves you the cost of Engineering

Multiplex will engineer your facility's entire refrigeration needs at no cost to you. After this work is complete you can then decide if you wish to purchase a system!

The load calculation process for the beer industry is a technical process that must include certain steps that are not necessarily important in other refrigeration processes. These extra steps are very important in engineering a refrigeration system for Anheuser-Busch Wholesalers!


Each Wholesaler has his own set-point requirements. Each Wholesaler has his own particular way of conducting business and habits differ from one wholesaler to another. One facility receives product from the brewery 5 days a week while another loads in product 6 days each week. Some Wholesalers are peddle while others are presale, and some are both.

The ambient temperature and humidity are very different from one wholesaler location to another. Your Anheuser-Busch set-point requirements change as monthly weather warms or cools.

These are a few of the variables that will effect accurate load calculations for your system.

Multiplex completes a thorough load calculation profile for each 12 months for every Anheuser-Busch facility. By doing this we are able to determine which month is the most difficult for a particular Wholesaler to meet his set-point requirements.

This is why Multiplex guarantees a wholesaler that he will always be well within compliance regardless of conditions or unexpected circumstances.