Multiplex is protected with US Patents, developed for Anheuser-Busch.


With a "Total Facility" Multiplex System, the wholesaler has a distinct advantage. While the fleet is out on deliveries the unused refrigeration capacity swings over to the CEW and WSC. This happens to occur during the daytime when the refrigeration loads are the highest on the CEWs and WSCs.

  • Ambient, Outdoor Temperature is at its highest.
  • Doors are open to the CEW.
  • Product from the brewery is being received.
  • Fork Lift and personnel activity is at its highest.
  • All the lights are turned on.
There are very distinct advantages to the Wholesaler in utilizing the Multiplex trailer refrigeration systems.
  • A Multiplex System adds very little weight to a trailer when compared to the heavy weight added by conventional equipment. this saves fuel consumption and tire ware.
  • Multiplex does not limit your D.O.T. allowable product hauling capacity.
  • Multiplex requires no fuel or generator.
  • Multiplex was designed for un-insulated trucks and trailers. All other systems require heavy insulation.
  • Connect one trailer or many trailers to Multiplex for constant set point refrigeration.
  • Use Multiplex Trailer Refrigeration systems to supplement a CEW that has trouble maintaining compliance.
  • There is no hot condenser air to discharge with Multiplex. This allows you the opportunity to install Multiplex totally inside bulk trailers.
After a vehicle is loaded it can be connected to Multiplex while parked in a temporary or permanent location for as long as you wish. The product inside the trailer will be maintained at CEW conditions, overnight or over the weekend or as long as you wish!

Ask about our video explaining how the Multiplex System can help you!